About Us

Admission Assistance

We arrange admission in various colleges according to student’s choice. Also we suggest them best college to enhance their skills and to develop their personality. We make students aware about the documentation requirement to apply in college. We help students to fill the Application form. We always try to help the students by answering their questions regarding their study, their college and the Services that the college provides. 

IELTS Training

We are running IELTS Coaching classes, Spoken English Classes. We are also preparing students for Embassy Interviews. In these classes we teach the students the grammar, tell them the correct pronunciation and the correct sentence making.

Travel Arrangement

We arrange travel tickets to our students and other clients. We arrange Air Tickets for Students, provide Airport Pick up in Australia And also if student need accommodation then we arrange accommodation too.

Services Provided to Students

  • We suggest the students Best Course according to their Past Qualification.
  • We give them complete knowledge regarding their Visa Files.
  • We assist them till their departure.
  • We are with students till their completion of course.
  • During studies, if student need any kind of help we are with them.
  • We provide complete information of Colleges, Institutes regarding their background, services.

Tel: 0091-181-6540523 | Mobile: 0091-7355112533